The Tea Oracle

On the first weekend of June 2018, a street festival took place on Lüderitzstraße in the neighbourhood of Wedding in Berlin. The goal of the festival was to make the public aware of the importance and necessity for changing the colonialist street names, and for the neighbours to get to know each other (the "original inhabitants of the Kiez" and the "new inhabitants", which were contributing to the gentrification of the neighbourhood.)
As a part of a student project from the UdK, the three of us built a stand which offered an "oracle game" where we offered free tea readings to passersby, inviting them to "revision their perspectives, the future, and the rest of the world" [(Re)Visionen Deiner Perspektive, der Zukunft, der ganzen Welt"]. Through the medium of the tea reading and with educational fortune cookies (which consisted of colonialist historical facts), we aimed to educate the public about Germany's little known colonial past and its lasting impacts today.

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