Spielclub Oranienstraße 25

Spielclub Oranienstraße 25 [Playclub Oranien Street 25] is a revival of the original Spielclub, a 3 year project from the early '70s, in which Berlin children played within a model city that they built themselves. The goal of the project was to raise critical awareness of capitalism and its effects through artistic practice and play.

In 2019/2020, Spielclub Oranienstraße 25 transformed the exhibition space of nGbK (neue Gesellschaft für bildende Kunst) into a symbolic street in Kreuzberg, complete with apartments, a copyshop, a convenience store, a hotel, a café, a gallery space, a stage, a bank, and a governmental office for 2 months. Different character roles and scenarios were developed with and for the children, and school classes were invited to play (roleplay) within the space. Our aim was to create a platform for children to problem solve and discuss "adult issues", such as gentrification, rising living costs, social inequality, and to inspire movements for social and political change.

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