Mitmachstadt Asia: Taiwan (Miaoli County)

Mitmachstadt Asia: Taiwan (Miaoli County), [Participatory city Asia: Taiwan (Miaoli County)] was a 2 week long project, consisting of interviews, workshops, public discussions, and model building with the local Taiwanese community. The citizens of Miaoli County were invited to come together and recreate their villages in clay. The aim of this participatory project was to foster a sense of community in the development of public art, and to create a platform in which discourses surrounding issues such as urban development, environmental sustainability, brain-drain, gentrification, and immigration and diversity could be openly discussed. Our goal was to connect different social groups and to create a space for intergenerational and intercultural knowledge exchange. We wanted to inspire the local community to reclaim their public spaces.

Mitmachstadt Asia, is an ongoing site-specific project, in which local communities in Asia are invited to recreate their own cities/towns/villages in clay. The concept of Mitmachstadt was originally developed in West Germany in the 1970s and 1980s by the artist HK Bast and the art group "Leut'Werk". Inspired by their usage of participatory art as a tool for education, we decided to adapt this project and implement it in various cities/towns/villages within Asia. In the summer of 2019, we visited Miaoli County in Taiwan.

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